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Xingtai City Shuoxing Refractories Co., Ltd. is located in Xingtai Qiaoxi Zhang W South Loop South Village , 1.5 km east of State Road 107 , west of Xingtai Airport Road 0.5 km . 5 km south of Xingtai City , north of Shahe City, 15 km . Transportation connections, Shuoxing Refractories Company under Xingtai an ultra- fine refractory insulation , building materials , research and development , production , sales and service for the integrated enterprise.

The predecessor company of Shahe City, Luoyang Refractory Plant , the private -owned enterprises in 1989 incorporated in Shahe City , Xingtai seok renamed commerce limited liability company in 2009 , and relocated in Xingtai Qiaoxi South Third Ring Road . In order to integrate the needs of large enterprises has been established in Xingtai City Shuoxing Refractories Limited. Diversification of product types also entered orbit .

Since its inception Shuoxing Refractories , high starting point , always pay attention to the fine development of all types of products, research, production , sales and service operations and other comprehensive work on the hollow cenospheres powder materials research to develop a multi-field hyperfine beads deep processing projects . For the convenience of one-stop sourcing various industries needs . And the addition of various types of ancillary support the diversification of products, all products have been widely used in fire-resistant insulation , building materials , petrochemical and other industries. Due to the tireless efforts of the company , in the management has established a complete set of management and production quality control system , and has stirred stop production, drying, purification equipment and modern production workshop. With international professional standards of laboratory testing , quality control on domestic companies to use high quality raw materials , the use of advanced production technology and techniques to diversify in terms of performance and quality , can meet user demand for the product specifications.

Shuoxing Refractories Company has always been to operate in the product market positioning of products, focusing on scientific exploration , grasp the industry and product technology development, marketing high ground, and to firmly establish the " scientific and technological innovation to drive new product development , product quality to win market confidence ." creed , adhere to customer-centric , market-oriented , people-oriented business philosophy.

Currently, employees can Shuoxing Refractories Company by virtue of their trendsetting technologies , proactive market pioneering spirit and abide by the principle of service , " Quality comes from professional reputation of integrity " , together with the company to improve the service system , honest and efficient service at all domain users. And all types of users willing to customize a variety of products and dedication of our boutique. At the same time , I sincerely hope that with the domestic and international customers and technology elite work together for mutual benefit and common development.

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